Songwriter Girl Day Tour

Songwriter Girl Day Tour

Want to get in the room one-on-one with a #1 hit songwriter?  Now you CAN!  Join Kirsti Manna for a half day OR a full day in NASHVILLE, and you get to choose how you want to spend it!

Kirsti tailors her sessions to help each client individually, and has specific methods that help each individual reach their goals and expectations.  

See the a la carte menu below to customize your day with #1 hit songwriter Kirsti Manna.  

A la Carte


What's Your Hook: Do you know who you are as an artist?  This session will give you a chance to talk with Kirsti and focus on such aspects as personal development, artistic development,  image, and stage presence.

Success Leaves Traces: What are you doing everyday for your career and how can you ramp it up?  This session last 1 hour focusing on how to create a successful career path.

Performance Coaching: Do you need to focus on your live performances?  This session with Kirsti will help kick start and fine tune your live show.

Vocal Coaching: Want to increase your range, learn simple vocal tricks and brush up on your breathing?  Work with Kirsti as she helps take the mystery out of hitting your best performance every time.

Publishing Info Meeting: Does trying to understand the publishing part of songwriting confuse you?  Learn the basic ins and outs of publishing and how songwriters get paid.

Song Critiquing: Get Kirsti's hit songwriter opinion on your original songs.  There is no limit on how many songs you play within the 1 hour session.

Visualization / Goal Setting: Sometimes the hardest thing to do is get started.  Find your focus through a guided meditation, affirming and setting your goals and visualizing your future.

* Each a la carte session choice lasts 1 hour

Important Info:

You may choose to book a HALF DAY or a FULL DAY with Kirsti Manna. 

$600 (4.5 hours)
Three a la carte menu items of your choice                      

 FULL DAY: $1200 (7.5 hours)
 Six a la carte menu items of your choice                         
 Includes complimentary coffee, lunch, and gift

Each Day Tour will start with a 30 minute intro meeting at a select Nashville location. From there you will follow Kirsti to a rehearsal space to start your sessions.  This day is all about YOU!  Remember to come prepared with your instrument, lyric sheets, notepad/computer (for note taking).

Lunch: Lunch is complimentary and will be brought in. Upon purchase confirmation, all allergies and dietary concerns will be discussed.

Contact:  We will contact you after your puchase via email to determine which a la carte menu items you would like to incorporate into your day with Kirsti.  

Cancellation Policy: We request that you schedule your day tour within 3 months of purchase date or it will expire, and no refund will be issued. Scheduling can happen via email, or over the phone. If you must cancel after purchase for whatever reason, we will retain a processing fee of 25% of the purchase price.  


Co-writing with Kirsti Manna (2 hour session) - $400

Record your Project on Music Row - with Nashville based critically acclaimed producer/engineer Bill Warner who has recorded such stars as Lennon and Maisy of ABC's "Nashville," Garth Brooks and Gretchen Wilson, to the "Rust-Eze" song in the Pixar feature "Cars."  Email

Visit Bill's production company website at

Extras will be scheduled on a different day than your day tour.  Want to book an extra but not a day tour?  Email us at

Songwriter Girl Day Tour
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